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       Travel that day took went on until night fall before we finally decided to stop and rest.  We were all tired from the long day we had, but while my battle with that Abomasnow left me slightly winded, I was still in a deceptively good mood from that victory.  For the first time in my life, I felt I had a purpose again, and that single thought brought me an odd peace.  I was a freak of nature, yes.  I was not a human anymore, I was an Anthropomorphic Absol, and a female one to boot.  But at the same time?

       I had energy again.  I wasn’t depressed all the time because now I have something to focus on: finding a way to turn back to normal.  I can do things no other human will ever get the chance to do, and I even got the chance to befriend one of the Legendary Pokemon!  Strangely enough, the more I thought about my current position, the more it seemed like a blessing in disguise instead of a curse.  And that one thought, combined with my general tiredness from the day, made me fall asleep within moments of hitting my pillow that night.


       The next day got off to a somewhat slow start, what with Ace complaining of not being able to sleep because Ashe kept squirming next to him in bed.  “Don’t worry Ace, I’ll put you back in your PokeBall at night if you want me to.”  I promised as we all ate a light breakfast before heading out.  Ace started grumbling about how he doesn’t need to sleep in a PokeBall, how it was Ashe’s fault he couldn’t sleep, yada yada, but by the time we had packed up, his grumbling had stopped, along with his near constant yawning.  Using my PokeNav as a guide, we set off for Anistar once again, hoping to use the opportunity to stock up on some restorative items before we decided on our next move.

       Almost the entire morning went by without much of anything happening.  We were all sticking to the forest along Route 17, so while normally we would stick out like a sore thumb, no one ever caught on to us.  I couldn’t hear any trainer’s around us anyway, so even though we were only a couple hundred yards from the most frequented route to Anistar City in Kalos, tensions were low as we traveled.  Terrain was a little rough though, so by 11 we decided to take a break and eat lunch.  “Good news guys, seems the road should smooth out soon.”  I say through a mouthful of Berries and looking at my PokeNav.  I hear a collective sigh of relief from my Pokemon at the news, and I could feel a change in the general mood; this news was a relief to them all.

       When next we took off, I could tell that all my Pokemon were more energetic about today; even Ace, who had been the first to complain about how rough the first part of our journey was, seemed excited to continue.  Ashe and Ace playing around behind me, with Tai and Sylph holding a quiet conversation about the events of the past two days ahead of me, and Jirachi floating next to me, his very presence bringing a feeling of calm and hope to the whole situation, even though he has said hardly anything all day.  Even though I was technically running from anyone who could possibly find me, there was a certain serenity to our situation that I couldn’t help but appreciate.

       Until we entered a clearing at about 2 in the afternoon.  We stepped through the treeline and picked up our pace slightly to avoid the open, but then Tai suddenly stopped.  “What’s wrong?”  I asked, suddenly on edge; I could feel Tai’s Aura, and it felt more tense than a drawn bowstring.

       “Three sets of footsteps, closing fast.”  He explained quietly.  “Hard to tell where they are coming from, the trees block the sound.”

       “Pokemon?  Trainer?”  Ace asked, trying to find the source of the noise.

       “Two Trainers and one Pokemon, but the Trainer’s footprints sound strange…”  Tai said, straining his ears to find the noise.  “They’re getting closer-”

       WHAM!!  In the span of a second, the sound of someone bursting through the underbrush came, along with an impact into my side that felt like an Arcanine slammed headlong into my side.  The pain and impact sent me into a brief panic as I stumbled to regain my footing, but once I did and turned around, I was quite surprised by what I saw: there was another Absol looking at me.  Female, eyes huge with fear and a couple tears starting to stream down her face.

       She looked like she’d been on the receiving end of a Self-Destruct after having starved for upwards of a week, possibly longer.  Fur matted down and dirty, bloodshot eyes with huge bags under them, saying she probably hadn’t slept in a long time either, and her every breath was shallow and ragged, like she just spent the past couple hours running without a drop to drink.  She was in rough shape, anyone could see that.

       Her every muscle looked stiff to the point of being frozen, and her eyes were so wide in terror I was afraid they’d start popping out of her skull.  My shock and confusion as to why an Absol just came out of nowhere and tackled me stopped me from saying, but as I began to recollect myself, the Absol seemed to grow weak and fell onto her side, all her terror being replaced with nothing but exhaustion to match her exterior.  All at once, her expression matched just what her body said she’d been through, so I wasn’t surprised to see her up and collapse on me.

       I gestured for all my Pokemon to stay away so she wouldn’t get scared from the sudden crowd, but as I went to sit down next to her and say something, footsteps came from the nearby trees, and two figures stepped out of the underbrush.  Tai said he heard Trainers, but these two were not Trainers.  Not even close.

       First off, they were both Pokemon.  Mostly.  One was a Scrafty, the other was a Dedenne, but both their proportions were off.  Both seemed more humanoid than normal; the Scrafty was about as tall as your average teenager and built more like a human instead of being bottom heavy, and the Dedenne was about as tall, maybe a little shorter, with a slim hourglass figure and a noticeable chest.

       “That Absol…  Sure can run…”  The Scrafty panted.  His face was red with exertion, and while it wasn’t as bad as the Absol in front of me, he was obviously wore out too.  The Dedenne didn’t look anywhere near as winded.

       “Mmhmm.”  The Dedenne agreed.  "Too bad the radios got fried in that storm the other day. Master would be pleased if we told him what we found."

       Without taking my eyes off either of them, I knelt down next to the Absol before me as my Pokemon got into defensive stances.  Jirachi elected to vanish before the new arrivals could notice him.  “Hey, are you okay?”  I whisper.

       I’m pretty sure that if she wasn’t too tired to move, she would’ve tried to get away from me as fast as possible.  “N-No…”  She rasped, her voice sounding even worse than I initially thought.

       “H-hey, I’m not going to hurt you, here…”  I say in a brief panic, unslinging my pack and taking out several Oran Berries.  “Eat these.”  I say, leaving them next to her head.

       “Hey!”  The Scrafty said, taking a step forward after finally having noticed I was here.  “Get away from that Absol, it’s ours!”

       “And you will be too if you don’t back off, lady.”  The Dedenne said afterward.  “Now shoo.”

       I’m not positive which part of those sentences pushed me over the edge.  All I know is, very few things have ever pushed me over the edge that quickly.  A fire burned in my gut, roaring to a blazing inferno in mere nanoseconds after hearing those words escape the duo’s mouths.

       I went to stand, unable to keep a growl out of my voice as I spoke.  “First off, this Absol isn’t an ‘it.’  She’s a living thing, with her own dreams, fears, and needs, and neither of you have the right to deny her those.  Second, she doesn’t ‘belong’ to you, because no one can ever ‘own’ anyone else.  And finally, if you think a threat like that is going to make me hand her over to you, you are very sorely mistaken.”  I finished my words as I settled into a combat stance, both me and all my Pokemon behind me ready to snap into battle at the slightest sign of trouble.

       The Scrafty whistled, seemingly impressed.  “Bold one, isn’t she?”  He asks the Dedenne, who was obviously not expecting that response out of me.  Oh, how I wish I could’ve gotten a picture of her face at that moment.

       "Yeah," the Dedenne replied, crossing her arms with a smirk, "Just means it'll be all the more satisfying to beat that pride out of her, capture her, and bring her to the boss."

       “True.”  The Scrafty said, settling into a combat stance himself.  “So very tru-”

       I didn’t give him a chance to finish his sentence before I reacted.  Quick Attack charged running straight towards the Dedenne, who I swear I’ve been trying to glare lasers at, and one foot in her face meant she went back pedaling for several feet from the force of the impact.  “Tai, Sylph, you two take the Scrafty.  Ace, Ashe, you two help me with this one.”

       “INSOLENT WORM!!”  The Dedenne screeched, regaining her footing and holding an obviously broken nose as she looses a Thunderbolt at me.

       “You’re prone to overreacting, has anyone told you that?”  The Scrafty says, nailing Sylph with a Focus Punch as both he and Tai closed in.

       Very few times have made me as proud of my Pokemon as those next few moments did.  Sylph tanks the Focus Punch like a champ, his whole head jerking sideways only slightly.  Sylph always was the best tank of my team.  He then pushes the fist back with his head so he’s facing the Scrafty once again and, with a glare and a perfectly timed use of Moonblast, syncs his attack with Tai’s Aura Sphere so well that both send the Scrafty careening into the tree behind him, knocking him out with one strike.

       Ace, meanwhile, got in front of me and, thanks to his Lightning Rod ability, absorbed the Thunderbolt from the Dedenne as Ashe jumps over both of us, attempting to slam into her with a full strength Flare Blitz.  She misses the attack by mere millimeters, the Dedenne’s gaze turning to her incapacitated ally.  “YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS!!”  She screams, attempting to run to her ally.

       Using the opening she just made, I ran in front of her with a Quick Attack so fast I think I basically teleported, before planting one foot next to hers and a hand on the opposite side of her head.  And I twisted.  Her feet swept out from under her and a lot of force pushing into one side of her head sends her into a mid air cartwheel, which I then use to slam a Shadow Ball into her midsection as she’s upside down.  She goes flying into the same tree as her companion, groaning as she slides down the tree, just as out as the Scrafty next to her.

       I take several breaths to calm myself before I dared to speak again.  “Jirachi?  Can you see if you can seal their memories of finding us here?”  Jirachi, having re-materialized as I spoke, nodded and floated over to the two before both he and they began to glow a dim white.  My attention then turned toward the Absol, still laying on the ground nearby.  “You did great guys.”  I say, digging out everyone’s Pokeballs.  “Dessert tonight, I promise.”  Everyone nods as I return them to their Balls; I still didn’t want to risk scaring her by crowding around her.

       I walk over to the Absol and kneel next to her again; a look of genuine surprised was mixed in with her exhaustion now, as though she were shocked I helped her instead of tried to capture her.  “Hey, you okay?”  I ask gently, noticing she hasn’t eaten one bite of the Oran berries I gave her.

       “I…”  She stammers, her voice still very hoarse as she has a small coughing fit.  “I c-can’t…  m-m-move…”

       I scoop up the berries and hold them close to her mouth.  “Please, eat these.  They should help you get back on your feet at the very least.”  She starts to nibble on one of the berries.  “My name’s Adrian, what’s yours?”

       “Angel…”  She answers between nibbles on the berry.

       As she finishes the first one and moves on to the next, I ask,  “Why were those two chasing you?”

       “The same reason…”  She begins to say,  “That they were so…  Interested in you…  When they saw you.”  Her voice sounded a little steadier now, and her breathing, while still a little hoarse, was much deeper and smoother than before.

       "They wanted to take you to whoever their boss is...,"  I finish, trailing off.  This was not good.  That means they might have more following them.  "C'mon, let's get out of here.  I don't want to run the risk that they have any friends following them."  I say, gently working my hands under Angel as she finishes the last Berry.  She doesn’t struggle as I lift her up and begin walking to the treeline, finding a nice, secluded spot about a hundred yards from the clearing.

       “Yeah, that…  Sounds like a good idea…”  Angel says as I begin walking.  Once I find a good spot to stop and set her down, I dig my blanket out of my pack and gently drape it over her; every part of her being looked so tired she could fall asleep at any moment.

       “Go ahead and get some rest, you look like you desperately need it.”  I say as I tuck her in, her eyes beginning to droop closed.

       “Mmmmm…  Thank... you…”  She whispers, her eyes refusing to stay open any longer.  Her breathing became deep and slow within moments; she was out like a light, and after the hell she was just through, I wasn’t surprised in the slightest.

       “Sleep well, Angel.”  I say, lightly petting the top of her head as she slept.  I took several steps away from her and recalled my Pokemon.  “Guys, I’m gonna go check on Jirachi, you all stay here and make sure no one comes after Angel, okay?”

       “Of course Adrian.”  Tai says with a small bow.  Ashe, Ace, and Sylph all say something of a similar nature, and I go back to the clearing, where Jirachi and the Pokemon we were just fighting were still glowing.

       “Any luck?”  I ask once he notices me.

       “Not right away, but I almost got something.”  He answers.  “Their minds are rather…  Confusing.”

       “How so?”

       “Aside from a few small little nuances, their minds are nearly identical.  They both know almost nothing about what this ‘Master’ of theirs is after, all they know is that he wants Angel, and badly.  Their memories, their personalities, their orders, everything is almost perfectly mirrored from one to the other.”

       “Anything about why they're both like me?”  I ask, gesturing to my humanoid form.

       Jirachi shakes his head.  “Nothing.  Neither of them remember how they became like this, but…”  He trails off as he stops glowing.  “I’ve felt minds similar to theirs before.”

       My heart sank a little at his words.  “What do you mean?”

       “These two are under a twisted form of Mind Control. Unlike Pokemon moves like Confusion, which can simply make the target more impressionable and more prone to suggestion, these two have had their entire personalities stolen and locked away.”  I’m pretty sure my heart thudded to a stop at those words.  Stolen and locked away?  “I kept hearing ‘serum’ and ‘test subjects’ from their more recent memories, and one of them actually caught a glimpse of someone else being transformed by this weird serum.  It appears that, after their finished being transformed, the serum begins to work on the target’s mind, sealing away everything but the cruel and obedient sides of their personalities.”

       “Is there a way to bring their real personalities back?”  I ask, not quite sure if I managed to keep the pleading tone out of my voice.

       “If we had a powerful enough Psychic type, yes.  This serum’s effects on the victim’s mind is very thorough, and I’m not strong enough to brute force my way through it.”  He turns back to the two leaning against the tree.  He holds up both arms and begins to glow white.  “I’ll send them to Spear Pillar, see if any of the others can find a less dangerous and less damaging way to remove it.”

       He then turns his gaze up toward the sky.  “Palkia, I need a hand.”  He says to no one in particular.  “I can’t send these two that far away, they need help and I can’t do it myself.”

       Both of the Pokemon leaning against the tree began to glow a dim pink color as a calm, gruff voice replied.  Very well, Jirachi.  The two then vanished in a brief flash of pink light, and Jirachi turned back to face me.

       “Palkia just took those two back to Spear Pillar, hopefully Victini and Celebi can find a way for us to remove their Mind Control without the risk of damaging their mental states.”

        “I take it brute forcing through it runs that risk?”  I ask, trying to connect some dots.

       “Yes it does.  Now c’mon, we shouldn’t stay here, we need to keep moving.  Grab Angel and let’s get going.”  Jirachi says, flying towards where I left Angel and my team.  Several minutes and some finagling with Angel’s position on my back later, and we’re all on the road again.  Luckily for me, Angel must’ve been exhausted on a level I’ve never seen before, because we walked for a solid two hours and she never once woke up.

       Once night began to fall and we were all tired from the trek, the earlier fight and carrying Angel, we decided to set up camp for the night.  I put Angel in a comfortable place next to a tree while my Pokemon went to start setting up camp.  Within that hour, we had a fire going and the tent was all set up.  I grabbed Angel and put her inside the tent and in my sleeping bag, closing the front flap so she didn’t get cold from wind.

       “How much further until we reach Anistar?”  I ask quietly as my team and Jirachi all eat a quick meal before bed.

       “We should be there by early afternoon tomorrow.”  Ashe says between bites.

       “Good.”  I say with a wide yawn.  “Today was a really hectic day, so I’m gonna hit the sack.”  I say, trying to find a place that was more or less sheltered from both the wind and prying eyes.

       “Give me a moment and I can help you out with that.”  Jirachi says, raising his arms.  He glows white and snow begins to float, forming into what looked like a segment of an igloo, stopping the wind from coming near our campfire.

       “Thanks, Jirachi.”  I yawn as he sets up a couple ice pillars for support.  I lay down a somewhat fair distance from the fire, my team following suit, and before I even really knew it, all of us were asleep, with Jirachi standing watch.

Wish Granted chapter 6
And here, at long last, is Chapter 6.  I am so, SO sorry this took so long to post, but me and the other guys in the Hybridverse kept getting distracted by other stories and ideas.  I tried to get everyone back on track the other day, and now we should all be getting this ball rolling once again.

Now, onto the chapter itself.  As you can probably tell, this one's special.  This is the first of a few collab chapters between me and ThePrinceOfTheNorth , who owns Angel.  He'll be posting Angel's side to this chapter soon, and once he does, I'll add the link here.

Chapter 7: soon.  I hope.
Hisoka (Sona Design) by Blazefan3669
Hisoka (Sona Design)
So, I finally caved some time ago and made a Fursona.  This is him.  Made with:…

Name: Hisoka
Race: Kitsune/Eastern Dragon hybrid
Age: 21
Likes: Light, calm days, sunset/rise, sweets, fruits, Flora, his family
Dislikes: Darkness, demons, monsters (anything directy tied to darkness and evil), bad weather days, Goo's/slimes/living latex, etc. (Scared to death of them because of what they can do to anyone they decide to attack.  Flora is a rare exception.)

Abilities/Powers: Skilled mage and sword fighter; is proficient in Fire, Lightning and Water due to his lineage, and knows some Ice and Light magic.  Wields Cain, a black broadsword with gold trim, and Abel, a simple White Kunai.  Is also capable of using a spell that allows him to swap between feral and anthro forms.
Notes:  Cain is a weapon of Darkness; as such, Hisoka despises using the thing, but does so in order to use Abel.  Cain and Abel, being brother weapons, are bound to each other and are rendered powerless if taken too far away from each other.  Recently, however, Cain and Abel have decided that Hisoka needs to learn that Darkness is not all bad and Light is not all good, and have elected to fuse themselves to his arms to do so.  This has also replaced his inner magical energies with Light and Darkness, rendering his previous elements far more difficult to cast while Light and Darkness become much easier.

On the off chance you wish to, he is available to RP with.  SFW is no problem, anything mature rated?  Notes, please, and I reserve the right to say no to an idea.
       "MOM, HE'S HAVING ANOTHER ONE!!"  I shouted down the hall once I realized what was happening.  I could hear the sounds of sheets rustling furiously as Toriel forced herself out of bed; I bolted back inside and sat next to Asriel's bed as she did so.  "Azzie!  Asriel, c'mon, listen to me!"  I tried calling to him as he lay there.

       This is not the first time this has happened.  On an average of once a month since we left the Underground, Asriel's memories of what he had done as Flowey would come rushing back.  During these times, his control over his magic would almost completely disappear, and this usually ended up with him in his first God form, as he was know.  Curled into a ball with his knees to his chest, tears streaming out of eyes wide with fear and both hands clasped to his head as he mumbled things like "Please stop," "I'm sorry," and "Please, not again."

       For as rigid as he always looked when he had an attack like this, he was always surprisingly easy to move.  As the fire that engulfed Asriel and his bed was magical, like the one in Toriel's home back in the Underground, I was able to pull one of his hands away from his head.  I was also able to lift his head enough so he was looking at me instead of his knees.  "Asriel, breathe."  I said in a calm but firm voice.  "Breathe, it's gonna be okay."

       Toriel came in soon after I managed to redirect Asriel's attention, and I simply gave her a nod before gesturing all around the room: the fire Asriel was creating had already spread to almost everything in his half of the room.  While the fire he was laying in was magical, and thus felt simply warm to the touch, the fires everywhere else were very real, and very hot.  Toriel didn't say a word; she simply nodded and turned her attention to putting out the real fires all around us.

       "Not again, please, notagainnotagainnotagain."  Asriel mumbled.  This and several other similar phrases were all Asriel said in his panicking state, and it took me several minutes to calm him down enough so that his ramblings stopped almost completely.

       "It's not gonna happen again, Asriel, I promise.  Just breathe."  I tried to assure him as Toriel put out the last of the real fires and sat next to me.

       She grabbed the same hand I did, a concerned look in her eye but a caring grin on her face.  "Asriel, we are here.  You are not that flower anymore."

       "I can't feel anything."  Asriel choked out, clutching his other hand to his chest.  I reached forward and placed my free hand over his SOUL, which was glowing white in the center of his chest.

       "Asriel, do you feel this?"  I asked firmly.  His heart was beating a mile a minute, but each beat felt weak.  "I said do you feel this?"  I asked again once he didn't answer.  "This is your heart, and it's proof you're here with us, right here, right now.  You're not Flowey anymore, you have your SOUL back, and this is not another RESET."  Looking back on it, I probably shouldn't have said his old name or the R-word.  Upon hearing them, Asriel's eyes grew wide in fear before he clamped them shut, his fearful ramblings beginning again.

       "Asriel, please, calm down."  Toriel pleaded, reaching forward and wrapping her arms around him as he started to fall into his own head again.  Asriel's fearful convulsions calmed down considerably at the embrace, and within a minute, he actually looked me in the eye instead of looking through me.

       "F...  Frisk?"  He asked shakily, as though he didn't believe he was actually looking at me.

       "I'm right here, Azzie."  I said, giving his hand a small squeeze.  "Remember what Sans said he and Papyrus say to each other whenever one of them has a nightmare?"

       "T...  'That wasn't real?'"  Asriel said, repeating what Sans told us when he learned of Asriel's nightmares.

       "That wasn't real."  I said with a small nod.  "What is real?"  I said, giving his hand another squeeze as a small, red, heart shaped glow began to come from my hand.

       Asriel looked down at it, his own SOUL moving closer to mine.  "This is real."

       I lifted his hand and held in front of his face; Toriel let him go and sat back down beside me, her own SOUL glowing dimly in the light of the dying embers all around us.  "Real."  I reached forward and tapped his forehead.  "Not real."

       "Real."  Asriel said, looking at his hand as his eyes started to turn back to normal.  He closed them and shook his head, trying to get the images from his nightmare out of his head.  "Not real."  He said as the markings under his eyes began to disappear.  His horns began to shrink as he seemed to age backward about 20 years, his robe fading away to reveal his normal self.  "Real."

       "Yes, my child, this is real."  Toriel said, resting a hand on the side of Asriel's head.

       He opened his eyes and gave me a small smile as his tears stopped almost completely.  "Thanks, Frisk.  Thanks mom."

       "You're welcome, Asriel."  Toriel and I said.  "Are you okay now?"  I asked, hoping for the answer I was looking for.

       "I think so."  Asriel said, relief heavy in his tone and wiping one eye dry.

       "Do you want me to stay here tonight?"  I asked.  This wouldn't be the first time I've done it, so when he said yes, I was already expecting it.  "Okay.  I'm not going anywhere, I promise."

       "Asriel, are you certain you are alright?"  Toriel asked, genuine worry evident in her expression, despite what Asriel said.

       "I think he's gonna be alright, mom."  I answered with a reassuring grin once I noticed Asriel's breathing had already become slow and heavy; within seconds, he had fallen sound asleep.  "Don't worry, I'll shout if this happens again."

       "Thank you, Frisk."  Toriel said, rising to her feet.  "I am going back to bed then.  Tomorrow, we're going to see about beginning to repair this room."  She said as she went for the door.  "I love you."

       "Love you too, mom."  I scooped Asriel up and out of his bed, following Toriel out of the room before moving him into the living room; I didn't want us to try and fall asleep to the smell of smoke in the air.  Azzie felt really light for his size, though since he, like all monsters, is mostly made of magic instead of water, I wasn't exactly surprised.  I settled Asriel down on the couch, pulled a spare blanket over him, and sat down next to him, with his hand in mine.

       And there I stayed, in almost complete darkness, feeling nothing but the carpet beneath me and the warmth of Asriel's hand.  Hearing nothing but the sounds of our breathing.  I was tired, both from having woken up so early and the loss of adrenaline from what just happened.  It was not long before I followed Asriel's lead and fell asleep, his hand still in mine.

Life Above Chapter 1
I AM SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG! D'X  I'm the kind of person who gets bored with a story if it's all I work on for a long time, and by the time I got bored with this one for a time, I started in on Wish Granted.  I decided to take a break from that one for a while to make Canticum Felicitatis and this, and now I finally got around to making this one.  Wish Granted will resume shortly.  And now, without further adieu...

Here we have the actual Chapter one of Life Above, the sequel to my Pacifist AU.  Yeah, we're gonna be dealing with some pretty heavy stuff here in this story.  I don't know if it's obvious, but Asriel has a pretty severe case of PTSD, caused from the memories of all his lifetimes as Flowey and the memories of countless brutal, bloody murders.  That would scar anyone.  And here, we see Asriel having a nightmare that he returned to  being Flowey, being once again incapable of feeling anything.  I can't even imagine the fear and pain of being able to feel and having a SOUL again, and then think that you just imagined the whole thing and you were back the way you once were when neither were possible.  I just...  No.

The dialogue between Frisk and Asriel where Frisk's trying to calm Azzie down was inspired by this comic by :iconzarla:

Chapter 2: soon


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Hey, everybody! Blazefan3669 here. Finally got around to doing this, so here goes. I don't do too, too much on here, and most of what I do is writing, so don't expect much of anything else. By reading my writing that does not follow the perspective of a character that already exists, you can learn a little about me. I understand not much is on here yet, but it will be eventually. I'm a fairly nice and objective person, and I do NOT judge you based on anything that's ridiculously petty, like race or religion. Plus, I will willingly listen to any problems you might have, and I will give the best advice I can to help you. So go ahead! Browse around!

Fun Fact 1: I support Girl Tails! Yes, I do! However, I am NOT one of those people who just see her as jerk off material or write her off as a slut with huge boobs, as so, so, SO many people on here do. I honestly think that she would be a good CHANGE TO THE SONIC FORMULA!! (Now all the Modern Sonic haters run away screaming.)

Fun Fact #2: I am a huge fan of the Fischbach brothers, Mark and Tom. Mark is a very standup individual, donating to charity and what not, and Tom's comic Twokinds is basically an addiction for me at this point. I mean for crying out loud, I check keenspot EVERY DAY to see if he's posted a new page, and I can't count the number of times I've gone back and reread a section or two. I almost never reread books, and I've done it to this one about a hundred times!

Digimon Tamers bookmark: episode 24

One Piece bookmark: episode 9

Naruto Shippuden: episode 312

Uber-Quest bookmark: page 108

Page 754. Five Nights at Freddy's 3 good ending extended. It's so beautiful!

Page 361. Mike's reaction is Priceless!

Page 803-809. Some thing about that whole interaction just speaks to me for some reason.

Page 742-745. Natani and Kat's "girl-talk" session. Don't know why, but I love seeing instances where Natani is sentimental. I think it's cuz she's showing a side she very rarely let's someone see.

Page 719. Last Panel.

Page 820. Any of my NCO's would have a field day.

Page 327. Yet another moment of Natani being sentimental.

Heart on Sleeve Stamp by Mirz123 I really do. I hurt easily, and I show my emotions through my comments. I cannot express enough how sorry I am if I ever offend you.
Appreciate Stamp by Mirz123 Some people really need to follow this advice.
Mean People Stamp by Mirz123 Then some people are more polished than others.
Truth Set You Free Stamp by mirz333 Yes. Yes it will.
People Cry Stamp by Mirz123 And yet, some people refuse to believe this. For all those people who have been strong for far too long, I wish I could help. I really do.
Stamp: The Loneliest People by Southrobin You're looking at one of those people. I don't want to see people suffer, and that's why I will at least listen to you if you have a problem.
Stamp: Treat Animals Kindly by Southrobin Yes, they are. Be kind to animals, no matter what they may do.
True Friendship Stamp by Mirz123 I actually wanted to cry because of this. I just love it.
Living proof. Have fun in your life whenever possible! Or else, you'll have a very boring existence.
{Limited Edition} by Mesperyian (By :iconmesperyian: ) A lot of people don't know the difference!
204 - Inspired By Others Work by LouisaColler I do! I suck at coming up with original ideas!
Anti Sonic character Fetish Abuse by Vertekins *shudders* Don't remind me. The things that have been seen... Cannot be unseen.

"Being you can sometimes surprise other people, but at the same time can scare others from seeing what was behind that mask."

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